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Design studio focusing on web development

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We are a well-established design studio with roots dating back to 2018. Our focus is on creating original designs that arise from thorough conversations about the customer's needs and wishes.

By combining our deep understanding of the industry with innovative approaches, we manage to create designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional.

Our team

Thomas Bendorff

Stifter & Digital Designer

Joachim Fauerskov

Web developer & Digital Designer

Anne Jensen

Digital Designer

What we specialize in

Branding & Design

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We specialize in branding & designing for all types of businesses

Today's digital landscape requires a beautiful and manageable website for every business enterprise. A website will often act as the face of the company outwardly, because this is the first place potential customers orient themselves in the various offers and services. For this reason, it is essential to have a website that visually manages to capture the customer's interest and at the same time enables the customer to easily and quickly meet the need for information.

Derfor tilbyder vi hjælp til at få skabt et stærkt visuelt fundament, som ikke kun kan benyttes i design af hjemmesiden men også kan videreføres i alt øvrigt grafisk materiale, man ellers kan have brug for, som f.eks. visitkort, brochurer, plakater eller videoer.

Website in Webflow

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Although many people think that the different CMS systems can do much the same thing, in fact, what system is used to build the site is absolutely crucial for the final expression of your website. At Aarland, we have experience working in a wide range of CMS systems but have chosen to specialise in Webflow in particular. Webflow is a newer system that stands out from other pieces of software by opening up a number of unique graphical possibilities. Creativity, quality and design are key words for Aarland's work, and we believe these keywords are back at Webflow. That is why we have chosen to work mainly in Webflow.

You should choose to invest in a Webflow website if

You want a graphically beautiful website that captures the interest of your customers at first sight.

You want to give your customers an optimal user experience as they navigate around your site.

You want to challenge classic website building — for example, by playing with unique and exclusive interactions and animations.

Shop in Shopify/ Webflow

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In addition to Webflow, we at Aarland also work with Shopify. Unlike so many other online store CMSs, an online store in Shopify just works. The big advantage for us and you is that Shopify integrates easily with Webflow.

Gennem tredjepartssystemet ShopyFlow har vi mulighed for at skabe forbindelse mellem Shopify og Webflow, hvilket giver os designfriheden fra Webflow, samtidig med at vi bevarer en nem vedligeholdelse af webshoppen gennem Shopify.

Med denne metode bevares integrationerne til Shopify, hvilket giver flere muligheder i forhold til levering og købsprocessen.

A collaboration with us

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We believe that good cooperation leads to the best results

If you are interested in ordering your new website at Aarland, you will probably want to know more about how the cooperation will take place in practical terms. At Aarland, we have made a conscious choice to sell our website solutions as one complete package. We believe that total solutions, rather than subscription solutions, provide the customer with greater peace of mind, because that way it is clear what service to expect for the amount paid. At Aarland, new collaborations always start with the fact that we present a number of different, more or less comprehensive, offers that the customer can then choose from.

Vi binder dig ikke til lange abonnementsaftaler. Vi tilbyder en transparent prissætning på en samlet pakkeløsning, så du som kunde kan gå ind i et samarbejde med klare forventninger og tydelige retningslinjer.

Hvis du ønsker et langvarigt partnerskab, der strækker sig ud over den indledende design- og implementeringsfase, er dette naturligvis også en mulighed. Vi tilbyder også løbende vedligeholdelse af hjemmesiden, udførelse af andre grafiske opgaver og oprettelse af webshops. Dette gøres typisk gennem klippekortløsninger.

Who we are

Aarland focuses on the entire graphic process. From idea generation to implementation of design and layout. We are down-to-earth individuals who share our process openly, act quickly and always strive to deliver solutions that make a real difference.

Our Approach

At Aarland we have experience working in several different CMS systems and in particular Webflow and Wordpress. Thus, we have the best conditions to be able to design exactly the website or webshop that our customers dream of.
We integrate with Vimeo & YouTube
Payment solutions
Stripe handles most payment methods
API & Automation
Interaction between Webflow and other systems
Translation of websites
Multilingual websites
3D Animations
Animations that differentiate
3D graphics & animations
3D animations to stand out
Advanced Forms
More than just a standard form
Webflow functionalities
Filtering, animations, etc.
Data storage
CookieBot for managing cookies
Animations in Javascript
Special animations and interactions
We make animations in After Effects
Rental sales platform
Rent out your inventory with Booqable
Analytical tool
Visitor Tracking

Brand identity

Brand identity helps to form the feeling around your company, which is why it is essential that the needs of your target group are taken into account. If you want a new logo, new fonts, other colors or just a boost in your visual expression, we are ready to implement for you.

Digital design

At Aarland, our team is ready with inspiration and suggestions that our customers can relate to and choose from. Nevertheless, we know from experience that the customer's knowledge of their own business is an invaluable factor when it comes to setting a direction for website design.

Web Development

Although many people think that the different CMS systems can do much the same thing, in fact, what system is used to build the site is absolutely crucial for the final expression of your website. At Aarland, we have experience working in a wide range of CMS systems but have chosen to specialise in Webflow in particular.