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For Carpet Care, we have created a new website, developed a comprehensive visual identity and animated an informative explainer video.

We have transformed the website, previously dominated by text, into a more welcoming experience for visitors. This was achieved by categorizing and organizing the information, as well as adding images and animations.

For the visual identity, we have prepared a comprehensive design manual that the company can use to design going forward.

That's what the customer says

We have worked together with Aarland to not only create a new website, but actually initially to create a new logo and a completely new graphic initiative. It has been an enriching and creative process, the result of which we are extremely pleased with. In the ongoing collaboration, the focus has been more on more creative films, CTAs and content in general, than actually heavy and strategic further development of the site, where Aarland has been fast, flexible and delivered a really good job.

Michael Birn

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